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Based in Bedford, we operate across the whole of Bedfordshire and beyond. We believe in providing straight forward solutions in response to our customers’ needs, in delivering the highest standards of service at all times and in offering outstanding value for money.

Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients, rather than simply conduct one-off transactions, and to be referred to family and friends, the ultimate demonstration of satisfaction.

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Emma Ciampa


Emma Ciampa was admitted to the role of Solicitors on the 16th July 2007. A miner’s daughter from a small village in East Yorkshire. Her career began in a Regional Law Firm in Pontefract, Yorkshire. It was at this Law Firm where she met her husband and the father to her three lovely children.

Seeing how expensive, formal and often intimidating Law Firms can be to the general public – and understanding that people need excellent legal advice at an affordable price GEC Law was established.

Emma is keen to make the experience useful and informative for her clients, creating a lasting relationship where clients feel comfortable returning again again.

The advances of technology are certainly useful in serving clients better regardless of location or the Covid19 pandemic, however sometimes a face to face chat at our office is what is actually needed.

Having recently witnessed the devastating impact dementia can have on a family, having lost her father in 2019 to the illness, Emma is an active supporter of all dementia and MIND charities. Taking part in the memory walks and the FREE Wills schemes throughout the year.

Giuseppe Ciampa


Giuseppe studied at Kings College London and qualified at a London firm.  He is a Solicitor with over 20 years experience advising clients on a wide range of legal matters.

Giuseppe also speaks fluent Italian.